Religion: A mere vehicle towards spirituality


Spirituality is all about self-awareness and union with higher self. Attaining this stage is not so easy. One should have ability to control ones self, and the lifestyle. With each one of us on this world are unique and have different abilities and capacities. Our environment, culture, society, food habits, the nature of work influences us very much. Attaining the spirituality as I mentioned earlier is the difficult task. It requires lot of energy and time spent on self-awareness, controlling ones ‘self’ and ego. Then only you can connect with your higher self.

As common human beings it’s almost not possible for anybody to achieve this without the support and some guidelines of guru, the person who achieved union with higher self through tough practices which we call as ‘SADHANE’.

Then how a common man achieves the spiritual union with the higher self and who guides them? There comes the religion. Religion is the vehicle for transforming common man towards achieving union with higher self.

Religion is a mere vehicle to travel towards spirituality. Through rules and regulations that common man can understand and practice, religion helps people to achieve the most difficult path towards spiritual union with higher self. So better adhere to what religion says and follow it.

But why there are so many religions? Following religion really helps to achieve spiritual union with higher self? Let us discuss these topics in my next posts.

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Spiritual Quotient


Add Third Dimension to your life

We know about IQ (Intelligent Quotient). Wikipedia defines it as an intelligence quotient or IQ as "A score derived from one of several different standardized tests attempting to measure intelligence. IQ tests are generally designed and used because they are found to be predictive of later intellectual achievement, such as educational achievement. IQ also correlates with job performance and income, although in all cases other factors explain most of the variance".

This is the first Quotient that we human beings discovered and believed is only essential thing to achieve success in life. It's true but is partially true, because IQ is not the only one that is key to success. We have been conditioned to believe that IQ is the best measure of human potential. In the past few years, however, researchers have found that this isn't necessarily the case.

We stared analyzing the people by categorizing them like highly successful, partially successful, and not successful with High IQ, Average IQ and Poor IQ. The result proved that having high IQ is not the only thing to be success.

Later we found EQ or Emotion Quotient. Your emotional quotient (EQ) might be a greater predictor of success. What is emotional intelligence? EQ describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. It is a person's ability to understand his or her own emotions and the emotions of others and to act appropriately based on this understanding.

By that we felt proud that we found the key to success. But wait for a while...
Another quotient is on the way. It is the ultimate intelligence, which rules and controls both IQ and EQ. Now it is slowly entering into the fields of medicine and management. That is SQ or Spiritual Quotient. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion or blind faith. Nor is it antithetical to science or rationality.

Then what is SQ? It's all about self-awareness. In a transcendental sense, it is the fount of all other values such as honesty, truthfulness, compassion, rectitude, modesty, morality and humanity. The core of the core of spirituality is service to fellow humans from out of which springs all the other requirements for making an impact in quotidian life — are it in business, industry, government or civil society.

As the quintessence of spirituality, the spirit of service is what is at the heart of customer delight, accountability, transparency, sensitivity to right and wrong, empathy, responsiveness and dedication to public weal.

So, interested in SQ? Subscribe to RSS Feeds. I’ll be back soon with more about SQ. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

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