Religion: A mere vehicle towards spirituality


Spirituality is all about self-awareness and union with higher self. Attaining this stage is not so easy. One should have ability to control ones self, and the lifestyle. With each one of us on this world are unique and have different abilities and capacities. Our environment, culture, society, food habits, the nature of work influences us very much. Attaining the spirituality as I mentioned earlier is the difficult task. It requires lot of energy and time spent on self-awareness, controlling ones ‘self’ and ego. Then only you can connect with your higher self.

As common human beings it’s almost not possible for anybody to achieve this without the support and some guidelines of guru, the person who achieved union with higher self through tough practices which we call as ‘SADHANE’.

Then how a common man achieves the spiritual union with the higher self and who guides them? There comes the religion. Religion is the vehicle for transforming common man towards achieving union with higher self.

Religion is a mere vehicle to travel towards spirituality. Through rules and regulations that common man can understand and practice, religion helps people to achieve the most difficult path towards spiritual union with higher self. So better adhere to what religion says and follow it.

But why there are so many religions? Following religion really helps to achieve spiritual union with higher self? Let us discuss these topics in my next posts.

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